Expenditure rationalisation: Govt puts a pause on new govt posts and experts hiring


NEW DELHI: The government has banned creation of any new posts under all ministries and departments while restricting hiring of consultants on higher wages as part of its fresh expenditure rationalisation measures.

“In the context of the present fiscal situation and the consequent pressure on government resources there is a need for further rationalisation of non-priority expenditure, while protecting… priority expenditure,” the finance ministry said in a memorandum to ministries and departments on Friday.

As per the latest directive, creation of new posts will remain banned, except with the approval of the department of expenditure.


“This ban will cover creation of all posts under powers which have been delegated to any organisation regardless of the source of such authority or power,” it said, adding that any posts created after July 2020 and not filled yet shall not be filled unless deemed absolutely essential.

Besides, it has asked all ministries to undertake a review of individual consultants appointed and reduce their number to the minimum. The department of expenditure has also asked the ministries to ensure that the fee paid to consultants is not disproportionate to their quality and quantity of work.

It has also banned printing and publishing of books and other documents on imported paper, except where printing is done abroad by Indian Missions. It has asked ministries to discourage expenditure on functions such as Foundation Day.

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