Govt should remove technical difficulties in existing export promotion schemes: Exporters of agricultural commodities


Exporters of agricultural commodities have demanded that the government should remove technical difficulties in existing export promotion schemes to help exporters. While, shrimp exporters claim to have Rs 700 subsidy pending with the government, onion exporters say that it is the only commodity, which is currently not getting any e port incentive.

Indian seafood industry has welcomed the announcement of Matsya Sampada Yojana. However, it says that short-term measures especially implementation of existing schemes effectively will help it to a great deal. Jagdish Fofandi, president Seafood Exporters Association said, “There is about 15% loss in production during lock down. Shrimp export account for 65% of the total seafood exports of the country. The MEIS benefit of 5% that exporters used to get has been pending with the government since January 1,” said Jagdish Fofandi, president, Seafood Exporters Association of India.

“The HACCP code for export of shrimp has been changed in November. It has not yet been updated by the concerned government department that decides about incentives,” he added.


According to the estimate of the industry, Rs.700 crore subsidy of the shrimp exporters is pending with the government. “If we can get this money now it will be help the industry,” said Fofandi.

Onion exporters too want benefit under e siting schemes, even as the government has announced a special scheme for vegetables as part of its Covid fiscal package.

Onions were getting 10% MEIS (merchandise export of India scheme) benefit for export. In February 2019, the government of India launched a new transport and marketing assistance scheme for specified agriculture commodities. Onions were not included in this new scheme as it was already enjoying the benefits of MEIS, which on withdrawn on June 10 as an inion prices went up.

Today, every country in the world has excess onions as planting has increased because of high prices of previous years.

India banned onion export for six months from June 10 to March 15.

“ We have already lost many export markets. Pakistan’s onion export increased by 55% to 60%. If we can get benefit and that either of the two schemes that can help to boost the onion exports by 15 to 20%,” said Danish Shah, a third generation onion exporter from Maharashtra.

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