labour laws: Uttar Pradesh brings ordinance to suspend most labour laws for 3 years


LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh has suspended labour laws for the next 3 years, in a move that the state government says is aimed at boosting industrial investment as well employing the large number of migrant workers that have come back to their native villages in the state.

The government has accordingly passed an ordinance to this effect that will apply to all factories and manufacturing facilities as well as fresh investments

coming into the state.

“Since the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed industrial activity in the state, the state needs to take steps to bring the economy back on track,” the UP government said in a release.


The ordinance however will not apply to certain laws like the Bonded Labour Act, Building and other Construction Workers Act, Section 5 of Payment of Wages Act and Workmen Compensation Act. Labour laws related to children and women will also not be affected.

“The purpose of the ordinance is to encourage industries to freely employ the large number of migrant workers that have come back. If industries have to go through the regular process of employing then they will be hesitant,” said a senior government official who did not wish to be identified.

“However, it comes with certain safeguards regarding minimum wages, health and safety of the workers- if anyone is found misusing the ordinance then action will be taken against the unit in the suitable forum,” the official said.

The state has received close to 7 lakh migrant workers from across the country and many more lakhs are expected to arrive in the coming days.

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