Need highest level response, curtailment of economic activity to control second wave of Covid-19: Uday Kotak


India needs highest level response measures including curtailing economic activity to control the second wave of Covid-19 cases, Managing director of and confederation of Indian Industry (CII) president Uday Kotak has said.

The government must listen to experts from India and abroad on the subject at a time when the country’s healthcare system continues to be overburdened, he added.

“At this critical juncture when the toll of lives is rising, CII urges the strongest national steps including curtailing economic activity to reduce suffering,” Kotak was quoted as saying in a statement by the industry body on Sunday night.


India this week crossed the grim milestone of fresh 400,000 Covid-19 cases in a single day.

At the current pace of daily caseloads, the requirement for hospital beds and ICU beds, oxygen, and medicines will continue to escalate and at the same time, medical personnel who are already overstretched will be further pressurized, the industry body said.

“We must heed expert advice on this subject – from India and abroad. Highest response measures are needed to break the chain of contagion and also use the time to rapidly build up capacity,” Kotak said.

The government should distribute vaccination supplies to States according to well-defined criteria, CII said. “Create central asset mapping control team for monitoring supply of various essential critical care Items as well as predicting possible occurrences of shortages and pre-emptively enhancing States’ capacities,” it said.

Besides, shortages may be made known to industry for helping reach resources.

The government should also strengthen logistics to reach supplies to the affected districts.

Transportation must also be put in place for supplying the required medical drugs and oxygen on a continuous basis to districts where requirements are high, including Railways and road corridors with minimal state border delays.

CII said that RT-PCR testing should be double the current daily numbers both in urban and rural India.

The requirements for testing kits can be met through imports or ramping up domestic manufacturing, including Rapid Antigen Self Testing Kits for use at home, it said.

The industry body also suggested initiating temporary medical facilities with the Armed Forces and other paramilitary forces, using existing infrastructure facilities like school and college premises, sheds, parks with tents, as Covid care facilities. Medical equipment for these facilities can be sourced from across the country through Indian Air Force flights or Army trucks.

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