Plans afoot to club funds under skilling schemes


New Delhi: The skill development and entrepreneurship ministry is weighing at least three options to bring different skilling schemes under one umbrella. The exercise includes framing a comprehensive single policy for skilling to cater to all by integrating all schemes and funds or setting up of a national training fund that will bring scattered funds to the tune of Rs 15,000 crore under one roof or simply integrating finances under the National Skills Development Fund (NSDF) while monitoring and implementation will remain with the respective ministries.

There is a need for this since more than 20 ministries are currently running multiple skills training schemes funded by the Centre that are targeted at specific sections of society, said people aware of the matter.

While the Centre spends around Rs 15,000 crore annually on skilling under two dozen different schemes, states put in an equal amount, taking the total spend on skilling to Rs 30,000 crore a year.


While process integration has already happened since the setting up of the ministry, it is time for the government to go for convergence of implementation as well as funds, said an official, who did not wish to be identified.

“The ministry is considering different options and one of these could be pursued going forward as the government is keen to take skilling to the next level,” said the official.

An announcement to this effect could be made soon as skilling figures on top of the agenda for the government, the official said.

Currently, funds from the NSDF are used to fund the skilling activities of the National Skills Development Corporation, which is an industry-led not-for profit company imparting skills training through enterprises, companies and organisations.

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